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Welcome to Ike's Outlaw Radio

My first official duty as the man here at the station, is to introduce myself and possibly explain what my station is all about.

I have liked Southern Rock my entire life. I remember back when I was about 14 maybe, I started really listing to the music that I was exposed to. My brother and sister where several years before me so I got to hear a lot of music of the 60's and 70's. My sister, being the oldest liked the 60's and my brother was firmly planted in the early 70's and still is.

The Beach Boys, Jane and Dean, Elvis, and the like where my sisters fare. My brother on the other hand fancied himself a hippie. He listened to the Woodstock type of music and wore a lot of leather and beads. None of that music, although good, appeal to me. I was still a wee tike.

Then a friend, Randy Davis, introduced me to Grand Funk Railroad. GFR was not a southern rock band per say, but they did proceed that genre a few years and I liked them.

Other bands came and went. Another band that Randy introduced me to was Kiss. Kiss was the first Rock band that I remember liking. We used to listen to those vinyl albums before school waiting on the bus.

I had another friend that intro'ed me to Boston. Yes, they are a Yankee band but the music was what I liked. That was another band that we listened to before the bus showed up. Those where good times. I was discovering wonderful music, girls, sports, everything a growing young man would want.

Just then when everything was going so good a travesty struck. My mother wanted to move from Florida to Alabama. See we had family in Alabama and my Mom was from here so we moved. Great, just great!

My move did not go that well. I did not want to be in Alabama. As far as I was concerned, Alabama sucked!!! Well, it really didn't. It took a few years but I found good friends here and life went on.

In high school, I meet a bunch of guys in shop class. We would show up before class in our cars and listen to music so loud that we all could hear what the others where blasting out of the cars. If we heard something we liked then you'd switch cars and say, "Hey, who is that?". This is where I was introduced to my Southern Rock. Steve Miller, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, 38 Special, Outlaws, and that little band from Texas, ZZ Top. There was a bunch of them. Not all where Southern Rock, but that didn't matter to me. I was in heaven. I met a girl and she liked Southern Rock. Life was good.

Time moved on. We all went our separate ways. I stay in touch with a few. A few have died. Many have married and had children and the children have moved on also. Life is cruel sometimes. It doesn't give it takes. Time moves on.

To this day, I still listen to and love that sound southern rock sound. My band choices have expanded. The sounds and textures of the music have ebbed and flowed over the years. Country, rock and even some rap have migrated into that genre. That's ok. Good music has no boundaries.

What music do you like? What makes your foot tap? You know, life is like the music tracks on an album. Each of our life tracks have an underlying tone of music. Do you have a song that brings back memories of your youth? Every time I hear "Give me three steps" I think of my old paper route I had in high school. Me and my '72 Chevelle made the rounds everyday and my 8 track would blare out Lynyrd Skynyd. We all have a song that does that, brings back the memories.

That's the reason I wanted to start this station. I play the songs that bring back memories for me and for my audience. What are your songs?

Shoot me an email or comment and maybe I can add your songs to the river of memories that flow from the music on this channel.

Thanks for tuning in and listening. I hope you enjoy the memories.

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